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Prince Pueckler Park Bad Muskau (CALVENDO Monthly Calendar 2023)

von Calvendo
SKU 9781325810956
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€24,99 - €36,99
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Format: A3

Passionate garden architect and travel writer (Monthly calendar, 14 pages )

I am the gardener of Muskau, with this sentence Pueckler introduced himself to the Great Elector in Potsdam. In this cross-border park, there are many fantastic details in addition to the perspectives and lines of sight. Climb with us to heights, go to the ground or into the air, take the historic steam train and enjoy this unique park.Calvendo calendars are premium products - a bit more pricey than others but with added benefits: Our calendars always look beautiful on your wall because we produce them locally with premium paper and sophisticated spiral binding, ensuring easy turning of pages and flat hanging against the wall. A protective transparent plastic cover sheet provides added stability and each calendar comes in five languages. Treat yourself to a Calvendo calendar and you get something that looks better all year round. This successful calendar was re-released this year with the same pictures and updated calendar.

  • PERFECT GIFT - Our calendars are a great gift for your friends, husband, wife, anniversary, birthday, wedding day, engagement, move in, for kids and adults, for newly in love or an old couple, for grandma and grandpa, for dad and mom, for young and old.
  • Calendar and texts in German | DATES | EUROPEAN CALENDAR STYLE | 14 pages consisting of 1 cover picture | 12 monthly pictures | 1 index page. Including cardboard back and transparent film cover. Unlike other inexpensive and thin calendars, the pages of our calendars will not curl up, fall out or show ink bleed.
  • ECOLOGICAL - CALVENDO is a publishing house that cares about the environment and sustainability. We produce individual pieces on demand only which means waste is significantly reduced. Made locally in UK/USA/Canada = climate-conscious logistics through short delivery routes.
  • DIVERSITY - With more than 5,000 different calendars, CALVENDO offers products for every taste. In addition, the calendars are usually available in different sizes (DIN A4, DIN A3 and 12x12 inch). Ideal calendars for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room or childrens room.
  • author: Rene Schubert